Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Alexander Keith's Bday Live in Concert

I'm home alone watching the Phillies blow it when I come up with this ingenious idea to live blog as we drink for my favorite quasi-holiday. Josh is on his way over with a rum of some kind and apparently, there is a restaurant gift certificate that says alcohol all over it since we have already eaten. Prediction: our posts go downhill from this moment on.   ITS GO TIME.
7:47pm ET

I just told Nic the idea, he agreed... It's not like he ever had a choice.
7:52pm ET

David Freese just hit a two-run jack to center. I have started to hit the loosies that were left in my fridge from the party last weekend.
7:55pm ET

Just got home to see Brad digging through the fridge looking for anything alcoholic... I offered the NyQuil and he's seriously debating it.... Thank God for gift cards to The Keg, PITCHERS AND SALADS!!!
8:10 pm ET

As much as id like a baseball steak right now, i understand my priorities. Fuck you the keg, give me your alcohol

The uni bomber himself just walked in looking sketchy as all hell. I can wait until he gets loopy and tries to show the bartender his junk. 2 pitchers down

The Phillies just lost, not that concerned, The Doc will do work in game 5... We just told our waitress we don't need a menu, she was not impressed

Doug fister was just on tv talking. FISTER.

Josh doesn't like red haired people... 4 pitchers

That's right, I dont like red heads.....YUUUUUUUUUP!

5 pitchers down. This fucking free bread is blowing my mindhole. If the brewers win this tonight theres no way my predictions can be wrong. The waitress said she was jealous of us, probably because were getting shitty and she is just shitty. Haa

Did brad just eat my bread?

Nic just told us that his KEG certificate was supposed to be used on "a good looking girl".....I wonder which one of us he thinks is the good looking girl? I got my money on brad and his lucious locks.

Grand mutha fucking slam... 6 pitchers in... Back to back jacks... Fuck it, make it back to back pitchers while Brad forgets his last name and Josh tried talking Hebrew to a waitress

Josh just asked for a thing of butter...

And now he told the waitress he's a complex mother fucker

Just walked in on some locals possibly doing cociane in the bathroom. I pissed so long that my kidneys hurt

Back home post 7 pitchers... Time to dig deep to find booze, then head out to celebrate the birthday of Mr. Alexander Keith... Oh and Josh nearly pissed himself on the walk home

Playing a terrible drinking game while waiting for beer pong cups. Honestly what is the point of any oter game? Id rather sit on the toilet boozin, its more productive

I'll show you.....this games ick because get to yell ANNNNNNA! gotta love em oviet russia


12:00 AM

If fucking josh keeps leanin on me im gonna give im an epipen of poison. I'm at the point where its either poop or bar.

Legit every girl that was at our house has been scared away... On another note Arizona is winning...This is still a sports blog right...?

Nic has officially enetered the bars.....I refuse to catch a gernade for tis muther fucker..

Just got into a major Apple debate...Why?...Because Stone Cold Said So...
12:33 AM

This bar is deader than an abortion

Just got at a bar and it reeks of mediocrity. Everyone here is so white that my eastern european ass feels black. Id rather go home and watch the brewers lose.

Brad got a rum and coke during cheap pints, didn't realize the kid was a baller, also Josh may as well be a dead guy...
1:00 am

I swear to god nic's'face is made of leather. The more he drinks the more he is made of a leathery substance.

Josh said something racist or someshit and nic deleted it. Nic is racist

Josh has been reduced to water... Brad is screaming sweet home Alabama... And the guy on the couch is drinking hot sauce... Oh and sports... Arizona is winning or some dumb
Shit like that
1:35 am

Pretend this is baseball.....And hit us a  Homer

Go fuis this bar they donr play the hip

I swear to god this guy gets morelikw a muppet every minute
-b motherfucking not leather jws

Im the brett favre of drinking. Used to chuck bombs but i just barfed my face off so feel like i could get it down just if i wasnt in a levis commercial

podvast is starting good night  fellasssssssasssisisisssssss

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