Friday, 28 October 2011

Even Better Game 7 Live Blog

World Series Game 7 2011 Live Blog

To be honest, we didn’t think we would be doing this tonight.  After one of the most incredible baseball games ever (We've never seen Josh so interested in baseball in our lives) we decided that we should take the success of our Alexander’s Keith’s live blog and do the exact same thing tonight.  Also, it gives us an excuse to get shittered to a point where we don't care about what other people think.  So stay tuned for some progressively worse posts with progressive hilarity.  Shout out to Josh who can’t join us tonight because of an exam, tear that shit a new asshole!

8:32:  Looks like we are off to a fast start, I cant believe I am actually watching a full baseball game, id rather be watching paint dry

8:43  I just found out we're doing this and it's already the second inning... It's 2-2 and both teams have already had a few fuck ups... Brads drinking wine so this could get completely out of hand...

8:54 It just came to my attention that Josh wrote the intro to this post and referred to himself in the third person...What an ass...

8:58 Like really, the guy fucking gave a shout out to himself... After getting off to an exciting start this game has become about as exciting as the Browns game last Sunday

9:02 Jack from Craig... I also have a 10 dollar bet on the Cards with Brad sooooo FUCK YEAH!

9:09 I wish this game was in Texas....Last time they played in Texas I made a game out of the boring points of the sport (about 90%), see which Texan has the biggest hat.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Leafs, from a different perspective...

So a few of my friends decided that they like our site, and a some even wanted to write a few things for us. I said of course. Any less unpaid work I have to do is fine with me.
We've all been busier than usual, which means less drinking, less writing, less podcasts (you wouldn't think that was possible), and more actual work. However, a few people out there (god bless'em) have the time to drink copious amounts of alcohol in these times of essays and midterms. So you could imagine my excitement when I found this drunken gem in my inbox a few days ago. My good buddy Kyle took it on himself to write an article that not only makes zero sense, but will also offend hockey fans everywhere. I am a huge fan of this piece as it exemplifies what it means to be a nonsensical drunken silly-nanny.

Without further ado, the completely unedited,

Kyle: On The Leafs

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Alexander Keith's Bday Live in Concert

I'm home alone watching the Phillies blow it when I come up with this ingenious idea to live blog as we drink for my favorite quasi-holiday. Josh is on his way over with a rum of some kind and apparently, there is a restaurant gift certificate that says alcohol all over it since we have already eaten. Prediction: our posts go downhill from this moment on.   ITS GO TIME.
7:47pm ET