Saturday, 26 November 2011

Let's Get Ready For Tip-Off

After 149 brutal days, both NBA players and coaches have agreed on a tentative deal that could potentially end the NBA lockout, with the first set of games to be played on Christmas Day.  To celebrate this joyous occasion, I am going to be getting shittered tonight.  I’ll be as drunk as Metta World Peace in his rookie season drinking Hennesey at half time, and as fucked as Michael Beasley was during the entire lockout.


Hey Sanca, you dead?

To be honest, I had no hopes for a NBA season this year, both sides seemed so far apart just a few days ago it makes me wonder how they got this deal done…

Here’s the major details of the new CBA:

-In terms of revenue split: the players should receive 49 to 51% of all basketball related income

-Contracts: If you have your “Larry Bird” right (meaning a team can go over the cap to resign a player that was on their roster the prior year), you can receive a contract up too five years.  If not, the max you can get is 4.  If teams are over the cap and want to offer a mid level exception, you can only offer up too 3 million and 3 years.  If you are under the cap you can offer 5 million and 4 years           

-Salary: A team can offer their best player up to 30% of the cap for a max salary deal only if the palyer has been in the NBA for 6+ years.  If you want to offer a max level deal to a palyer under 6 years, you can offer 25%

- Melo’ Drama: trades like the Carmelo Anothy deal last year is still permitted

-each team gets one amnesty clause to use on a player currently under contract.  This means that a team can cut a player without penalty, and the palyers salary will be removed from the teams salary. 

As I mentioned earlier, this is a tentative agreement.  Nothing is set in stone here, so we shouldn't be celebrating just yet.  For all we know, players are mulling over something they don't like in the deal, or owners will get cheap again.  Until something is signed im not getting too excited.  I'm praying Kevin Garnett doesn't interrupt the final meeting, 

David Stern always says he likes giving his fans a gift on Christmas, and oh boy did he deliver this year.  We got Boston vs New York, Lakeshow vs Derrick Rose, and a rematch of “The Heatles” vs Dirk Diggler kicking off the NBA season.  All three games will be incredible to watch.  

It’ll be great to see who stayed in shape during the lockout and who bummed around.  It will also be great to see how teams react to a shorter season.  There's no doubt that some teams are at an advantage with a shorter season. Stay tuned for an article previewing every team.  

However, tonight we are celebrating.  

Cheers bitches.


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