Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hangover Saturday: Sean Peyton made a boo-boo and fuck Dallas

Week 1 began on Thursday and although I can’t remember much of the game, I woke up to two seemingly certain facts, Sean Peyton is the worst play caller in football and Green Bay will win the Super Bowl. I quickly threw on the highlights and much of the game slowly started to creep back into my memory. I quickly realized the day after hype surrounding this game seems a bit much. Don’t get me wrong, that game was an incredible start to what promises to be an exciting season, but it still was just one game. Sean Peyton will make a ballsy call that will go his way and everyone will forget about Thursday’s goal line stand, and Rodgers will have a bad game and everyone will start the Brett comparisons again.

Despite the fact that Green Bay has already been crowned Super Bowl champions, other teams will actually be playing tomorrow and there are a couple good games to keep an eye on.

Pitt @ Bal
This rivalry always produces however Baltimore’s defence is getting older and the Steelers were one Rapelisberger performance away from winning the Super Bowl. Pittsburgh will win but Big Ben will probably get sacked so hard he ends up in puking in a bathroom stall in Miledgeville Georgia.

Atl @ Chi
Although this game is featuring the top two seeds of last years NFC playoffs, I don’t think very many people actually expect Chicago to put up much of a fight. Let’s be serious, if Marshawn Lynch hadn’t gone into beast mode against the Saints, Chicago would never have won a playoff game last year. Also, Atlanta may very well have the best offense in the league.

Phi @ Stl
The “dream team.” Good God I’m sick of hearing that. The only player on the Eagles roster who actually used the term was their backup QB, and really, since when does anyone give a shit what a backup has to say (unless it’s John Beck, because he’s just entertaining). Philly has a very good team and will finish near the top of the NFC, but dream team they are not, so please for the love of God stop using that name. Eagles win this game because St Louis plays in the NFC West.

Dal @ NYJ
This game is interesting because no one has really talked about Dallas this offseason. It’s probably because they only had 6 wins last season, but they’re definitely a better team than that record would indicate and I can see them making the NFC East a competitive division again. The Jets on the other hand are the best team that hasn’t won anything. They did beat the two best quarterbacks in the NFL in last year’s playoffs so some of the hype is justified, but they’re biggest offseason move was signing a guy whose best known for shooting himself and I just can’t see Sanchez getting it done deep in the playoffs. Despite that, Jets win this one, because fuck Dallas.

Here are the rest of my week one picks

Cin @ Cle – The Bengals may have the worst team in football this year, Browns win.

Ind @ Hou – Kerry “last call” Collins isn’t as good as Peyton Manning, Houston wins.

Ten @ Jac – The Jags just released their starting QB, because you know, that’s what you do a week before your season starts, Titans win.

Buf @ KC – Bills players are just happy they get to spend a weekend not in Buffalo, Chiefs win.

Det @ TB – This could end up being a very good game between two teams that could surprise some teams this year, Bucs win.

Car @ Ari – Two QB’s that are new to their respective teams, I’ll go with the guy that has at least some NFL experience, Arizona wins.

Min @ SD – Peterson just signed a new deal so he’ll be fired up to play, too bad the Vikings are on a very fast decline, and Philip Rivers has a legitimate shot at MVP this year, Chargers win.

Sea @ SF – This could be one of the worst played football games of all time, San Fran will be the lesser loser.

NYG @ Was – The Giants were considered one of the best teams in the NFL halfway through the season last year, and although the second half of the season was a nightmare (see Matt Dodge punting) they’re still a very good team, that and the Redskins are so bad they had a QB battle that Sexy Rexy won (John Beck was none too happy about that), Giants win.

NE @ Mia – After this game is over all of the Green Bay hype will be transferred to New England, Pats win big and Brad can no longer hear the name Chad Henne without breaking an inanimate object.

Oak @ Den – Oakland wins and Kyle Orton is spotted drinking a 26 of JD on the sidelines after getting sacked for the 5th time.


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