Saturday, 10 September 2011


Sitting on a couch, inside of a student house, three men- Gary Busey drunk were arguing. The house was a repulsive town-home, blasted with dipping sauce and dog shit and a blatant disregard for the no smoking clause in the lease. It was once described as “What the inside of a garbage bag must feel like”. The television- a 100$ purchase on Kajiji was firmly glued to highlights. Shouts of “The Eagles are a bunch of gaylords”, “LeBron is on steroids”, and “Fuck the Bruins” can be heard through the paper thin walls on this Tuesday night. 
This was a regular occurrence for us three at any given time last year. In our drunken haze we decided that what we were arguing about was important and everyone should know about it. We then started to record our vulgar, incoherent, boarder-line retarded conversations for all to hear. Do we know what we're talking about? Sometimes, and sometimes we are too drunk to know the difference between vodka and Aqua-Velva (vodka tastes like shit). However, we do all share a love for sports, drinking heavily and debating about sports while drinking heavily. You might hate what we have to say or think we suck, and that’s fine, just know that you, sir, are a silly nanny.* 
We make no guarantees regarding quality to listeners and readers other than we are serious fans with above average knowledge and poor work ethic. Nic thinks he’s smart but I’ve seen him pee his pants, and Josh displays 7 of the 8 characteristics of a sociopath. So if you are also a fan of sporting events and getting shitty- pee pants drunk, read on. The three of us all bring something different to the table and have had interest from a number of guest writers and more guests for our podcast to keep people from hating us.
We are hoping to put together some decent articles and a podcast every couple of weeks or maybe we won’t, who the hell knows. I’m wasted and this could just be a dream for all I know.


*(If you like our material- you may be an idiot as well)  

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