Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Awww Hell No

So, I was going to post an NHL playoff preview today considering the playoffs are starting and its an exciting thing but then this came to my attention, and completely fucked my whole day up...


No seriously... this isn't funny anymore...


Yeah this one doesn't really have to do with anything...
I just thought it was funny

Ok, now that I got that out of my system let me explain. In reality you don't apologize when you make an honest mistake. If you really truly try and do well, and it doesn't work out, you should never apologize, there's no point, because if you gave everything there is too give, there's nothing to be sorry about. By issuing an open letter to the fans, the entire Maple Leafs organization have admitted that they didn't do all they could; that they failed. They talk about falling short of expectations, and having unacceptable results and all that shit, but at this point fans don't give a flying fuck about what you did or didn't do, they care about what is going to get done. One thing above all I noticed this year more then any of the previous seven failed seasons is that fans are truly fed up. Once the spiral began and all hope was lost and the anger wore off, fans became truly apathetic. I know myself, as well as a lot of my friends just stopped watching games. If the players didn't give a shit, why should we? So what does issuing an apology accomplish? It tells the fans that you should have done more... So then why didn't you? It tells the fans that there was a possibility for greater achievement... So why didn't it happen? Instead of an open letter apologizing, I want an open letter explaining. Explaining what the fuck exactly happened. How a team that was in 6th place, chasing the 5th place team in February can all of a sudden go 2-14-2 over a month long stretch. Or maybe explaining how at the beginning of the season the coach and GM can claim to have two starting goalies when one goalie had only played 1/4 of a season in the NHL and the other proved to be terribly inconsistent and has had major health problems. Or maybe just please explain where the fuck this team is headed.

Clearly the team needs a goalie, and thankfully Burke got off his high horse at today's press conference and admitted that. But then what? He also said he has faith in our second line... but why? You can make the argument that Grabo turned his season around and Mac had a decent second half and then of course Kuli got hurt and that if the three of them can mesh like they did last season they will be good to go again. But what the fuck would make you honestly think that will happen? It didn't happen for the first half of this season... Sure it could happen, but then again it might not, and once again the Leafs are left with zero scoring depth, which will force Burke into making a deal next season that probably won't be very good. So I think it's fair to say that after today's press conference, the Leafs second line will probably be the same to start next season. Burke also bragged about the young depth they have in the system (Frattin, Kadri, Colborne, and now Ashton) which is awesome, but if he maintains his blind faith in the second line, where does that leave all those guys? Yet another year on the Marlies... Or does he stack his third line with raw inexperience? And of course there's the ever needed "truckulance" that was clearly nonexistent this season. That should come in the form of a solidified first line center which Burke also promised us fans today. But I don't think that's enough... I don't think anyone does. A goalie, and centerman and a (hopefully) revitalized second line to along with some nice young players with potential won't solve the problem.

Apology letters won't solve the problem. Fans want to know what will solve the problem, and unfortunately, I don't think anyone in the Leafs organization have any idea... which is why we're left with some cute letter that doesn't accomplish anything other then pissing of a fan base that is already in kill mode.

This letter was nothing more then a pathetic attempt from an organization that has no fucking idea what to do, that is beginning to realize that maybe their fans won't just blindly follow them into the corn field. It's an attempt to ensure they keep selling tickets by making fans think they care... But honestly MLSE if you don't figure your shit out it won't matter if you actually care or not... Because nobody else will...


P.S. A playoff preview will be up soon, because ya know... The draft lottery is tonight and the Leafs have a chance!!!!!!

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