Saturday, 21 April 2012


All season DGS will be committed to presenting you with all you need to know about Ozzie Guillen's hi-jinks. Will he swear on national television? Will he win a hot-dog eating contest? Honestly, who the hell knows? Stay tuned for the latest and greatest.

The Showtime series, "The Franchise" released it's preview last week. Key moments show Ozzie cursing like a pirate and getting suspended. IT SHOWS HIM GETTING SUSPENDED. Ozzie's reaction in the three minute clip is a chuckle when he is told the news. Classic.

Team Status: 7-7, flashes of greatness, indefinite potential.

Level of Regret in Management: Hard to say. Either elated that the foul mouthed Guillen will make this season of The Franchise better than last (OMG WHAT'S BRIAN WILSON UP TO TODAY!? I BET IT'S REALLLLLY WACKYYY!). Or, they are still nervous as shit, wondering what's going to come out of the man's mouth on national television. The latter? The latter.

Ozzie's Disposition: Based on this preview, happy. He looks happy.

Next Stunt Prediction: I hope at some point he tries to fight a cameraman from the series. That would just make my year.

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