Friday, 13 April 2012

Out with the Old and in with the...Old?

Remember peach baskets? "It's your turn to fetch the ball Reginald!"

With the NBA season coming to a close, it's time to start reminiscing about all the fun shit that went down this year.  From Javale Mcgee's antics to Derrick Rose’s injuries, DGS is going nostalgic for a bit until things start to matter again. Playoffs, baby.

Today, I am going to play the role of Matlock.  For those of you too hipster to know whom Matlock is, he’s a fictional lawyer that old people tend to look up too. Why? Because he’s old as shit that’s why, they're on the same old-length.  This guy has been around since ‘Nam (not a joke). Seniors love this man because he’s an old man doing a young man's job; sending criminals to jail for a ridiculous service fee. Today, I’m standing up for the little man… or perhaps the wrinkly man, whatever works best.

"You remind me of my grandson."

Remember when the lockout was over and people finally gave a shit about basketball again? I do, it was a glorious day that gave me purpose in my life once again, and I thank god every day for that glorious miracle. The interweb was flowing with articles and opinions about the upcoming season, and besides the infamous Chris Paul fiasco, people couldn’t stop ripping on old teams like Boston, San Antonio, even LA. Pretty much everyone was saying that these teams had nothing left in the tank. 

“They are too old” some would say.  “Their legs cannot handle the condensed season” they said, and my personal favorite “injuries, injuries and more injuries.” (EDITOR'S NOTE: Who talks like that?) Well, with the playoffs just weeks away, we now have a solid idea of how things are going to play out; and one thing is certain: ‘old’ teams can still play. As a matter of fact, these fogies are probably the best teams in the league right now.

I use 'old' in quotations because I wonder why people define these teams as ‘old.’  Sure, most starters and key players on these teams are over 30, and are on the last legs of their career, but being ‘old’ isn’t always about age.  An older person can act young if they're spry enough, and if you were ask them if they thinks they're old, they would probably tell you to suck it (MAAAATLOCCCK!). Similarly, these quote-unquote 'old' guys of the NBA still think and act like apex predators. These ‘old’ teams are not acting their age, and this is going to be dangerous come playoff time.

Call Tim Duncan 'old' one more time, I dare you

Behind Denver and OKC, San Antonio has put up the third most points per game totals by averaging 101.77.  Both Boston and San Antonio are top ten in point differentials, while Boston is leading the league in holding their opponents to the worst possible field goal percentage of .419. Boston and San Antonio are also top 10 in team field goal and 3pt % on the season.

This is no fluke, Boston and San Antonio are that good.  Their record against elite teams says it all, and you cannot deny how good these guys are playing right now.  You can argue by saying come playoff time they cant handle the young legs of their opposing team, but how can you say that when both their offenses have been as good as ever, while their defenses are still at a elite level?  San Antonio completely changed their game to keep up with younger teams (courtesy of Greg Pop and Mr. Longoria), and Rondo gets better in every game; acting as the young glue between the decrepit bones of the Celtics. It doesn't hurt when teams like Philly and NYC are playing uglier than Joakim Noah's jumpshot...

HEY! I'm tryin' to eat my lunch here!

They understand how to win games, they have been through this adversity before and they are on their last legs.  If anything, the condensed season has helped these teams prepare for their playoff run. Not to mentions that the playoffs are set up in a less condensed fashion, eliminating back-to-back games and giving the geezers some solid rest. Simple deduction would lead us to believe then, that because these guys have been able to get it done all throughout this condensed season; then a favorable playoffs schedule shouldn't change the results, if not improve them.

As much as it pains a Lakers fan to say this, Boston and San Antonio are my picks for the NBA Finals.  Sure it may be as boring as watching grass grow, but it will be the last chance we get to see basketball played as a classy competitive sport.  

I got my pre-ordered copy, how 'bout you?
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